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BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT is focus on business operation ( work flow ) of performance of task not task itself. The management will pay attention to analyse existed process  which business carry in day to day routine as
customer order process
customer complaint resolve
selection of supplier and ordering goods
recruitment and selection process of employee
acceptance of credit customer etc
Many business process perform in wasteful manner hence wastage of resources is evident there.
Now a days, efficient process to achieve objective in most cost effective manner is increasing demand of high competitive industry. The process should rationalize to achieve these measured objective.
when we are  talking about new process implementation then initiate efficient process should come up with desire of " GET THE THING, FIRST TIME RIGHT'.
Disadvantages with irrational process.

  •  Time consumption
  •  wastage of resource
  •  Extra cost
  •  Not obtain desired results
  •  Management  de motivation
  •  unsatisfied stakeholder
  • Loose market repute
  • disturb organisation culture and values

Business Process management is combination of simply four steps.
1. Visualization of Process
2. Business Process Analysis
3. Business Process Re Design
4. Business Process Re Engineering

  We are explaining a hand on approach for optimization of Business Process Management step by step as

1. Visualization of Business Process. 
     As you know one picture can express thousand of words in easy manner , specially to identify issues. The flow chart technique normally use for it with allocation of activity among different stim


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